Mar 05 2009
During the conference, Laurent Bolli and his team from Bread and butter published four editions of a magazine printed live from the conference content! Lifters could then get their hands on the ideas and photos made during the conference, a nice way to materialize the experience that Lift provides.

And doesn’t that make you feel better about that book you were going to make with Lulu? It’s not a vanity project, it’s a battle weapon.


The thing that caught my eye about the Unbook was the idea of accepting a book as a version: an evolving beast that spits out periodic iterations of itself before crawling away to mutate some more. And it occurred to me today that that actually ties into the idea of the Battle Weapon — the 12-inch released to test new experiments in music (more commonly known as dubplates these days).

(See also “short fiction as the club scene,” short/flash fiction as the dubplate)

Paid-PDF as a Battle Weapon? A v0.9 release of a book or collection of ideas? Not quite the “electronic Advance Reading Copy” that people like Baen release in digital formats, maybe — but it could be. It could also be much more beta than that. Novelettes and bags-of-notes. Who knows? Let it mutate.

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